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APARTMENT THERAPY: 6 Basement Layout Mistakes You’re Probably Making, According to Home Experts

finished basement

I have two questions for you. First, are you lucky enough to have a lower level offering extra multi-functional living space? Second, are you making the most of it to impress buyers? Probably not, home experts say. If you’re not thoughtful about your basement layout and its uses, it won’t actually add much value to […]

REALTOR.COM: How To Conduct a Virtual House Hunt That’s As Good As the Real Thing

virtual house hunt

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home for a while, you may have marked your calendar back in the winter to start your house hunt right about now. After all, spring typically kicks off the busiest home-buying period of the year. But what a difference a few months make! Now, the coronavirus pandemic probably […]

REALTOR.COM: Should I Buy a House During the Coronavirus Crisis? An Essential Guide

home buying in covid

Spring is upon us, which typically involves a big peak of first-time home buyers (or second, or beyond) checking out properties, negotiating, and closing on new places. But the coronavirus outbreak—with its quarantine measures and economic uncertainties—has many a real estate shopper wondering: Should I buy a home now, or wait? We’re here to help […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: 4 Reasons Basements Are Actually Beautiful, According to a Basement Expert

unfinished fieldstone basement

    Ziegler is a realtor, investor, house-flipper, and entrepreneur extraordinaire. She curates images of the basements she encounters on the job with an Instagram account called @ihavethisthingwithbasements. By Madeline Bilis |February 23, 2020 Ahead, Ziegler shares four reasons to love the subterranean house feature, musty stench and all. Basements hint at a house’s history […]

SUPERMONEY: How Realtors Get Paid: Real Estate Commissions Explained

If you’re buying or selling a home, you may wonder about additional costs beyond the price. The question many people ask is, “how do realtors get paid?” If you’re a homebuyer, you can relax, because buyers usually don’t pay realtor fees. It’s generally the responsibility of home sellers to pay realtor fees. So if you’re […]

MSN: 55 Ways You’re Ruining Your Home and Don’t Even Know It

It’s easy to continuously think of doomsday scenarios when it comes to your home. What if you forgot to turn off the oven before you left for the day? What if your dishwasher overflows and floods your floor? But, in most cases, it’s not accidents like these that cause damage to your house—it’s little mistakes […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: 5 Surprising Things Real Estate Agents Say They’ve Seen Displayed In a Bedroom

When it’s just you and your partner living your best bedroom life, it’s no big deal to keep each and every bottle of moisturizer in plain sight on your nightstand. But when you’re showing your apartment, you have to put your bedroom in the best-selling light. While real estate agents wish potential buyers could let […]

THE VIRTUALLY FREE PODCAST: Defining Hard Work and Hustle

The daughter of a contractor, Kate has worked in roofing and construction, and now owns and manages multi-family property in the neighborhoods of JP and Roslindale, where she lives with her partner, Jack Romano. Kate also works as a Realtor with Arborview Realty, specializing in helping first-time home buyers and millennial investors beat the odds […]

THE REAL HER PODCAST: Creating A Multi-Passionate Career & The Importance Of Pivoting

  Kate believes the hustle can save our souls: far from carrying its former negative connotation, “hustler” has transformed into a title that evokes drive, determination, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The hustle can allow us to have it all – creative outlets, side businesses, broad networks, rewarding work, and jobs that pay the bills. By […]