When it’s just you and your partner living your best bedroom life, it’s no big deal to keep each and every bottle of moisturizer in plain sight on your nightstand. But when you’re showing your apartment, you have to put your bedroom in the best-selling light. While real estate agents wish potential buyers could let their freak flags fly, unfortunately that’s not the case when people are in open house mode.

By Lambeth Hochwald |September 29, 2019

Sometimes sellers don’t get that memo. Here, five real estate agents share the most “interesting” things they’ve seen sellers leave out—or even display—during an open house:

1. Cremated pet remains

“I once toured a home with a line of identical, ornate boxes along the dresser in the bedroom, each topped with a dog collar and it ended up being a display of the cremated remains of each of the seller’s past pets. I’ve never forgotten it and my clients couldn’t either. Even if the items you keep in your bedroom are extremely important to you, buyers need to be able to see themselves in the space and no space is more personal than the bedroom.”—Kate Ziegler, Arborview Realty in Boston, Massachusetts

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