While we can’t really control a lot about the past year, we can at least have a solid hand in the real estate world. If you’re looking to buy or sell a house soon, follow these tips — some of the best we’ve heard from agents all year long.

By Jennifer Billock | December 13, 2021

Buy a Brush Comb
It’s always best to spruce up your house with a fresh coat of paint before putting it up for sale. And if you want to be extra efficient, follow Kate Ziegler’s advice. The Realtor with Arborview Realty in Boston suggests spending a couple bucks to get a brush comb from Home Depot. It makes cleanup super easy, realigning the paintbrush bristles and making sure paint doesn’t get stuck in the brush. You can use it to break up dried paint already in the brush as well. It’s an easy solution that helps keep your paint brushes in good condition for longer.

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