When you were little, did you ever walk into your grandparents’ house and think to yourself, “Wow, what beautiful decor”? Well, a whole set of millennials did, and they’ve created an entirely new design style called “grandmillennial” to show it.

By Jennifer Billock | October 13, 2021

Although it’s a popular interior design choice, there are some aspects of it that real estate agents say could harm the sale of your home if they’re not done properly.

“As a Realtor, grandmillennial can be difficult to convey,” says Kate Ziegler with Arborview Realty in Boston. “If it’s not immaculate, it feels just old, and buyers get nervous about updates and systems behind the decor. Proceed with caution, add elements slowly, and be prepared for upkeep to keep things looking grand.”

Here are three places to be careful with when incorporating grandmillennial decor, especially if you’re planning to sell soon.

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