“Working with Kate is like having a Swiss Army knife in your pocket—

You are ready for anything.”

Kate Ziegler is a Boston-based Realtor with Arborview Realty, as well as an investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and property manager. She helps clients across Greater Boston buy and sell homes that fit their unique needs and achieve their goals in a rapidly shifting market, without leaving the communities they love.

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Kate can talk you through next steps no matter how early you are in the process of deciding to buy or sell. If you’re still doing preliminary research, follow along on Substack or Instagram for more background and more homeowner tips.

Old Homes are
in Her bones

Kate started her real estate career in legal operations and corporate property management and, the daughter of a contractor, spent years on work sites roofing, framing, and hanging siding. Her childhood home was a pre-Revolution log cabin, and she owns and manages properties in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with her husband, Jack Romano; Kate knows her way around Boston’s bones, basements, three-deckers, and fixer-uppers, and she loves the smell of fresh lumber.

A Partner for your Property

In any transaction, your agent should be your strategic partner. Clients call Kate with property questions long after closing and well in advance of a sale; the deal isn’t the only metric. Our job is to help you mitigate your risk, maximize your ROI, and know how and when to move forward. Every transaction is different, and having hundreds of transactions behind her means Kate has handled a whole lot more hiccups than the average buyer or seller.

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