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BOSTON.COM: Kitchen designs you can just eat up in homes on the market in Greater Boston

Picture yourself whipping up a four-course meal or preparing a simple snack in any of these 10 homes, all of which feature kitchens worthy of a cameo in a Nancy Meyers movie (think “Something’s Gotta Give,” “It’s Complicated,” and “Father of the Bride“). The kicker? Every one on this list is on the market right […]

HOMELIGHT: 7 Tips To Give Your Beloved Cabin Much-Needed TLC

Scandanavian settlers built the first log homes during the 17th century, and today these homes dot the landscape from New England to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. But whether your log home has a lengthy history or was built relatively new, any log home won’t last long without meticulous TLC. By Valerie Kalfrin | January […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: Half of Americans Want to Move. Here Are 5 Things to Know If You’re One of Them

Whether you’re going to ink a new lease or buy a home, experts have shared their best tips for smoothing out the bumpy (and busy) moving process this year. By Brittany Anas | January 30, 2021 Ask movers about their cancellation policiesBuyers: If there is any way at all to avoid it, do your best […]

REALTOR.COM: Trying To Find a Renter? How To Show Your Apartment and Make a Great Impression

If you’re a landlord who owns an investment property (bravo, by the way!) and are looking for a new tenant, you need to get your rental space up to snuff—and you need to know your facts. By Jennifer Billock | January 21, 2021 What are the rules for showing an apartment if someone is currently […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: The Lesser-Known Trick That Could Help You Win the Bid on Your Dream Home

spanish moss on a georgia home

An escalation clause can be the ace in your pocket that helps you win a bid on a dream home. But they’re nuanced and can be a bit controversial. By Brittany Anas | January 15, 2021 “I often compare escalation clauses to eBay rules: they risk showing your hand a bit and give listing agents […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: 6 Things You Should Never Store in Your Basement, According to an Expert

unfinished fieldstone basement

If you’ve ever lived in a house with a basement, you likely already know their biggest problem: flooding. By Jennifer Billock | January 8, 2021 “The joke in real estate is that there are two types of basements: basements that flood and basements that haven’t flooded yet,” says Kate Ziegler, a realtor with Arborview Realty […]

REALTOR.COM: My House Failed Its First Real Estate Inspection—Here’s What I Did To Get Through Escrow

house for sale, sold

Whether you’re a first-time or repeat home buyer, here’s my advice for getting the house you want after a shaky home inspection. By Jennifer Billock | December 29, 2020 It’s important to remember every home inspection report will come back with something, according to Kate Ziegler, a real estate agent with Arborview Realty in Boston. […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: 8 Things Real Estate Agents Still Have From Their First Apartments

We asked real estate agents about the treasures that have continuously made moving day cuts. From thrifted furniture to reliable kitchen appliances, these are the items that real estate agents have kept from their original apartments. By Brittany Anas | December 13, 2020 When Kate Ziegler, a real estate agent with Arborview Realty in Boston, […]