Whether you’re going to ink a new lease or buy a home, experts have shared their best tips for smoothing out the bumpy (and busy) moving process this year.

By Brittany Anas | January 30, 2021

Ask movers about their cancellation policies
Buyers: If there is any way at all to avoid it, do your best to not move on the same day as closing, says Kate Ziegler, a realtor with Arborview Realty in Boston and with Coldwell Banker Lifestyles in New London, N.H.

“If there are any delays at all, you’ll be rescheduling and stressing about timing,” she says. “It’s better to give yourself some breathing room if there’s any way you can afford to do so.”

When booking movers, ask about their deposit and cancellation policies — everyone hopes a purchase can close without delays, but they do happen, and you want to know that you’re not leaving money on the line if they do.

“Book things early to be sure you have the tools and teams you need, but only if you know you can adjust without a major cost,” she says.

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