Who doesn’t love browsing for a dream home using an app? In just a few taps, you’re imagining your life via the professional photos of beautifully staged rooms. However, you could you be glancing over details that are potential dealbreakers. We asked a few Realtors for a list of things a buyer should never overlook when scrolling through real estate listings.

By Lisa Marie Conklin | February 22, 2019

Why are There More Exterior Pics Than Interior Pics?

Are there more pictures of the house exterior and neighborhood highlights like quaint cafes and really cool dog parks? It could be a sign that the home’s interior isn’t so hot. “Often, this means the interior needs major cosmetic work, at a minimum. “Peeling wallpaper from the ’70s doesn’t photograph well, and isn’t easy to cover with a chic grey paint, so sellers may opt to exclude interior photos altogether and hope to intrigue an audience with vision,” says Kate Ziegler, a Boston Realtor.

What will my Commute be Like?

Everything about the listing may look stellar, but where will you park your car if there isn’t a driveway? Is there ample parking on the street? Prefer to walk, ride a bike or use public transit for your commute? Look for a walkability or transit score, but keep in mind nothing replaces the vibe you get when you’re there in real life. “Transit scores also might not take train schedules or bike lane maintenance into account: check these things in person to be sure they work for you as well, as for the walkability algorithm,” says Ziegler.

Bonus Hot Tip:

Don’t be too quick to write off the listings with poorly-executed photos and marketing. Ziegler says it might actually be a good fit for you. “Photos that don’t translate well to digital media can result in less interest, less competition and an opportunity for buyers to negotiate a better deal.”

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