Knowing what to look out for when searching for quality properties is essential when it comes to saving money and avoiding trouble down the line. Here are some warning signs that a property on the market could end up costing you a lot more than initially expected.

By Kalen Bruce |August 2, 2018


Too Many Vintage Fixtures in the Basement

Though some property buyers love the idea of decorating with vintage fixtures, too many of these items rotting away in the basement could mean some serious problems.

“Cracked waste stacks, old brass plumbing, remnants of knob-and-tube electrical, ceiling stains from prior water saturation, oil stains from leaking tanks, asbestos pipe-wrap, and mortar dust around the perimeter are all common in old homes,” added Kate Ziegler, Realtor with Arborview Realty. “One or two of these is not a death warrant for the deal, but all of them in combination will be costly.”

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