They were lured by good deals, privacy, lively downtowns, a rural feel with commuter access, and more.

By Globe Staff | April 19, 2018



Kate Ziegler, 32, law firm operations supervisor and realtor

Two-family, December 2017

We moved from a three-decker we own in Jamaica Plain and wanted to stay close by, so that we could continue to manage the property easily. We started looking toward Roslindale seriously when we tested the commuter rail for our daily trips, and the location we landed in is still close to Forest Hills and the Arboretum, so the Orange Line is available if needed. Plus the amenities in Rozzie Village are terrific. We’ve given ourselves two years for renovations and repairs, and after that we’ll reevaluate, but we’ve been thrilled with Rozzie so far and hope to be here for a long time.

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