The emptiness of a new home can be overwhelming. With so much space to fill and so many decorating decisions to make, you might feel like your house will never be truly yours.

By Laughton Team | June 21, 2016


There’s no need to go hog-wild in a furniture store three days after closing on your new home. Buying too much now might mean restricting your flexibility later (those purple drapes really don’t go with everything).

However, there are a few must-haves every new homeowner should add to their shopping list to make the space feel cozy in no time.

Not a gardener? Stop at the florist. Go colorful with your favorite flowers.

“It’s one of the simplest ways to make a new space feel like home,” says Kate Ziegler, a Realtor and designer in Boston. “Flowers brighten up a space that may still be in transition, and bring warmth and care to unfamiliar territory.”

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