Ziegler works as an Operations Coordinator at Mintz Levin, a law firm. For Thursday’s zero-degree ride, she picked from an overflowing drawer of athletic clothes she has assembled over the years.

By Stefanie Friedhoff | January 9, 2015

With arctic winds and single-digit temperatures, it’s the kind of week that makes most commuters grateful for heated cars and trains. The exception: winter bikers, the brave and brazen few who don’t seem bothered by this frigid weather. They are the holdouts who keep pedaling to work as if their fingers are freezer-proof. But what does it take to commute by bike and arrive with your extremities intact in a week like this?

Kate Ziegler has a few ideas.

On Thursday, easily the coldest morning yet this winter, Ziegler, 29, cycled the four miles from her home in Jamaica Plain to her office near South Station, as she does almost every workday.

“If you dress up to go outside in this weather, you might as well move around while you are out there,” she said.

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