APARTMENT THERAPY: If You’re Selling a House This Year, These Are the 6 Tax Tips You Need to Know

In a year where the market has been hotter than ever, more and more people are selling their homes — and they’re not always buying a new one right behind it. So, as they check that box that says, “I sold a house,” how can they prepare for any (expensive) surprises that might head their […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: These Are Some of the Most Popular Historic Home Styles in 10 Cities

Real estate agents across the country shared their thoughts on which historic architectural styles are the sweethearts of their local real estate markets. By Heather Bien | January 8, 2021 “New England is blessed with a wide variety of historic homes, and the vast majority of our housing stock could be considered historic by some […]

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While we can’t really control a lot about the past year, we can at least have a solid hand in the real estate world. If you’re looking to buy or sell a house soon, follow these tips — some of the best we’ve heard from agents all year long. By Jennifer Billock | December 13, […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: 3 Grandmillennial Trends Real Estate Agents Wish You’d Ditch

When you were little, did you ever walk into your grandparents’ house and think to yourself, “Wow, what beautiful decor”? Well, a whole set of millennials did, and they’ve created an entirely new design style called “grandmillennial” to show it. By Jennifer Billock | October 13, 2021 Although it’s a popular interior design choice, there […]

APARTMENT THERAPY: The Type of Paint Brush One Real Estate Agent Swears By

When you go to view an apartment or house, it’s likely that the listing agent has put a significant amount of work into prepping the space. From staging the furniture to zipping around with a dustbuster, real estate agents know that first impressions mean a lot. By Megan Johnson | August 11, 2021 “I’ve painted […]

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When it comes to sprucing up your home, the smallest item can make the biggest difference.  By Megan Johnson | August 4, 2021 Kate Ziegler, a Realtor with Arborview Realty in Boston and Coldwell Banker Lifestyles in New London, New Hampshire, swears by a $3 brush comb she grabbed at Home Depot. “A brush comb […]

PROPERTY SPARK: Top 50 Massachusetts Real Estate Agents On Social Media

boston waterfront skyline at dusk

Official Rank of Massachusetts’ Top Agents on Social Media March 12, 2021 PropertySpark does not accept payments or incentives for being on our top lists. Our researchers go through thousands of agents by searching hashtags, review sites, social media profiles and real estate portals. Then we rank agents based on our proprietary algorithm that takes […]

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Taking into account the home’s now-stylish interior design, we asked our team of experts to look at before and after photos and weigh in on the changes that made the biggest difference in this home. Here’s what they had to say. By Whitney Coy | February 23, 2021 The old kitchen was spacious, but that’s […]